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Are you ready to switch to the Mind Meld PR firm?

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Are you ready to switch to the Mind Meld PR agency?

I’ve got one question for you: Is your current PR agency getting the media coverage you want?

Let me tell you about a conversation I had the other day. I hear the same kind of thing regularly on sales calls:

“Just so you know, this is not our first time looking for a PR agency. But the agency we were working with just didn’t get us the results we wanted.

“Don’t get me wrong, we see the value of getting news sovereign for our brand. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be calling. But we’ve been disappointed so far. Can you help?”

It’s a common story. An innovative tech company got a big funding round or caught lightning in a bottle and now they’re growing fast. They spend a big chunk of their marketing budget on a public relations agency. But three months later? No features. No quotes. Not even a hit in some random blog. Yikes.

The sooner you switch your PR firm to turn things around, the better

Believe me, I’ve been where you are sitting right now. Before I started Mind Meld PR, when I was heading up content marketing at a fast-growing tech company, I became the internal liaison for an outside PR firm we decided to hire.

Our company threw a small fortune at this agency over 3 months. I personally spent a lot of time going over strategy and storylines with them.

But no matter how much time we spent with them -- they could not get the job done. We originally had planned on a 6-month trial phase, potentially throwing more resources at them if their initial efforts paid off. But after 3 months of zero results, we let them go.

I wound up taking over PR for our company -- and inside of a week, we had our first two pieces of earned media coverage. In a month, that doubled and we landed a national TV spot. But that’s a story for another day.

Sadly, most PR firms won’t have a PR specialist who can just step into the role to save the day when a hired agency fails to deliver.

So, you do recognize the value of PR for your business. But you’ve been burned once. How do you know you won’t get burned again?

Mind Meld PR gets results - and we can prove it

We’re not shy about the great results we get for our PR agency clients. Even in a quiet month where we don’t have a big funding announcement or product launch, we’ll get an average of 5 media hits for your company.

What about a month where our client really has legitimately big news to share? That’s where we shine.

In some campaigns, we’ve gotten 12, 15, even 20+ (yes, that’s happened) media hits in a single month. For instance:

Like any PR company, we can never guarantee coverage. That said, a great track record of getting results should give you some assurance that you’re dealing with professionals who can get it done. Check out our PR agency case studies and reviews - and you’ll see what kind of results we can get.

When you’re working with Mind Meld PR, "news makes news”

Even better, once our PR agency has been working with you for 3 months or more, a phenomenon kicks in that we call “news makes news.”

That is, from all the media coverage you’ve already received through our proactive PR campaigns, reactive PR outreach and executive thought leadership development, journalists start paying attention.

Let’s say it’s a slow news day for a reporter who tends to cover your business niche. It’s 2 pm, but they’re barely halfway to meeting his quota of stories for the day - and what do they do?

They do what you would do. They start Googling around. And they find the news coverage that you got from the previous efforts of Mind Meld PR. So, they reach out… and now, you’ve got another win. News makes news.

So, are you ready to switch PR agencies?

If you’re unhappy with your current PR agency, we feel your pain -- so let the healing begin! We’ve got a track record of success in delivering news coverage for tech companies. And we want to help you. Check out our PR agency service packages and contact us today



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