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Forbes. Blame a lack of imagination for a stagnant business, says tech entrepreneur Vaclav Vincalek

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

There are two ways that companies can react to COVID: they can sink, or use cloud-based platforms and escalate digital transformation to swim.

Companies that rely on physical circumstances like hotels and restaurants have a valid excuse, but the rest? A combination of cloud-based services and solid business strategy should be implemented to see businesses through the toughest of times.

10 years ago, acquiring a new server to run systems and datas meant waiting for weeks for the physical piece of tech to be delivered. Now, solutions can be created in a matter of days.

“With just your email and zero investment, you can get a server and storage with a few clicks.

“Notably, one healthcare company recently used technology to quickly build a new Covid-19 test site finder while unifying it with older search products. It already had ways for customers to find doctors, clinics, hospitals, etc. — but all its search channels were disconnected.”

It’s not just about integrating technology though. Aligning your technology with a solid marketing strategy can be a way to progress success as you wait for the economy to pick back up.

Vaclav offers a few ways companies can make the most of this time:

“I saw many companies fire their marketers and divest from their martech when the pandemic hit. Like the investors who prematurely sell too soon, I believe this was the wrong strategy.

“Are your landing pages converting? Test them with machine learning platforms. Are you still sending out personalized emails one by one? Automate them and use push notifications.

“Are your executives and experts stuck at home? Enter them into virtual conferences. Is your content marketing out of date? Hire remote content creators.”

Large corporations and SMEs have all recognised the value of cloud-based computing platforms. For example, construction companies can scale their business by investing in cloud-based project management software to better manage different sites and employees, and streamline project files and data. This allows companies to manage more clients than ever before. Some companies are even going sci-fi, like one company that is using cloud based computing to manage armies of cleaning robots at hospitals -- keeping employees safe from exposure to COVID.

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