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Case Study. Tech PR for an AI investing insight platform

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Fintech platform SynerAI helps retail investors with better decision making by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. They needed an agency to help them with marketing strategy and brand messaging for their website and social media. After that, the mission was to showcase them as AI financial market industry experts.

PR results

11 media hits

97+ million reach

Tech PR Challenge

SynerAI’s goal is to create a whole new category of investing and to be known as news traders. Despite having some of the best AI-powered insights, their biggest issue was they lacked an overall web and press presence. As a new startup in the crowded fintech space, they needed instant brand credibility.

The Mind Meld PR team had to define their digital presence through web content and social media copy, in addition to crafting press releases to generate media coverage.

Tech PR Solution

Our strategy was to first create an overall marketing communications by aligning their brand messaging, web content, and social media strategy. With that, we created all content for the website — including web pages, blog content, and social media copy.

Once the website was live in the second month of the engagement, the Mind Meld PR team refocused on public relations. We crafted stories around the company’s ability to generate AI-powered investing insights.

Custom media pitches include releases on how AI could helps investors make educated trades on the stock market.

Tech PR Results

Mind Meld PR’s campaign for SynerAI culminated in a series of local and national results in the press through major outlets, blogs, and podcast interviews. To increase their overall web presence, our PR experts created marketing material in the form of blogs, employee bios, and strategies for their social media and marketing.

Thanks to our PR outreach, SynerAI provided their expertise for outlets like New York Post, International Business Times, and Lifewire, The Epoch Times and Zero Hedge.

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