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City News. Want to book ice time? There’s CatchCorner for that

Want to start a hockey league with your friends? What about hosting an event at a community center? Finally there’s an app for that.

CatchCorner by Sports Illustrated is an app that helps users easily book sports facilities and activities. The Toronto-based company helps users rent out sports facilities in a similar fashion to AirBnb — a simple way to book facilities from ice rinks to golf simulators to dance studios.

Jonathan Azouri, the CEO at CatchCorner, was inspired by an experience with his friends after they couldn’t find a hockey arena to book without going through a tedious process.

“In the span of a few minutes you can book a flight to go across the world, but if I want to play a game of hockey with my friends and I’m looking for an ice rink, there’s no easy way for me to just do it in a few clicks,” explains Azouri to Toronto’s CityNews reporter Stella Aquisto.

Across 5 major Canadian cities and places in America like Chicago and New Jersey, CatchCorner provides users with the option to select the space type they are interested in, the times available, and prices, in addition to photos of the space.

Businesses using the app stated that it’s improved their booking process, noting the seamless user experience that removes the “possibility of error” of using email or an online form to arrange bookings.

Better yet, business owners like Kevin Ball, the Director of North American Sales at CanLan ice sports, have seen more exposure to the sports community through the CatchCorner app which has helped increase sales. It provides owners with a digital presence without having to do the work themselves.

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