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Forbes. Tech marketing podcast is “dynamite,” says Cira Apps

Updated: May 15, 2020

Podcasts are having a bit of a moment in these stay-at-home times, and tech pros like the Cira Apps CTO Vern Weitzman are listening as hard as anyone. This Forbes roundup is also a terrific primer on the best in modern technology ‘casting.

Read Vern Weitzman on getting ‘Akimbo’.

“...The world tends to think of Seth [Godin] as a marketing expert—and of course, he is.

But so much of what he talks about bleeds into leadership and upping your game across the various silos of business.”

With Joe Rogan’s podcast attracting a bigger audience than CNN, even before the virus hit, it’s undeniable that the genre has arrived. Podcasts are now more numerous and more popular than ever. As you struggle to stay productive in these hectic times, it’s easier than ever to find a few of the best and most relevant podcasts in your field of endeavour, and at least expand your knowledge.



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