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How do you build company culture when your tech team is remote?

“Company culture”, “innovation”, “remote workers” - these are just a few words and phrases you’re likely hearing more of as the traditional workspace changes. How do you build a strong company culture for your tech company when you're not even working in the same place? That's a common conundrum for many startups (and increasingly, large companies).

Check out Vaclav Vincalek's ideas for tackling this issue in 15 Tips For Building A Strong Culture Among Your Remote Tech Team (Forbes):

Always Communicate Your Objectives. Always.

Vaclav knows much about maintaining and fostering company culture, and his solution is relatively simple.

"It requires professionalism. Everybody needs to bring that to the table. Most of all, it’s about structure. Whether we use Slack, phones or email, it doesn’t matter. We use what’s appropriate. We adapt. If you can communicate from the start what the objectives are for us all to work together, and we all sign up to it, then it just works." - Vaclav Vincalek, Pacific Coast Information Systems (PCIS) Ltd.

Clarity is key, no matter where your tech team is, no matter your industry(ies).

Technology has made all of this easier, but the same core challenge remains. If objectives are clearly communicated with all involved, trust is fostered, growth is possible, and time isn't lost needlessly with each person trying to understand what the other is asking.

Read the rest of the tips, here. For more insights from Vaclav, visit his PCIS blog.



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