How much does PR cost, anyway? Now you know

How much does PR cost, anyway? Now you know

Today, we did something most PR agencies just don't do. We answered the simple question: "how much does PR cost?" We published our pricing for our various tech PR packages, right on our website. Boom!

You don't have to click through a maze of web pages to find it. No need to scroll way, way down to the bottom of the page. No PDF to download. No need to request a custom quote. It's right there. Transparent pricing. What you see is what you get.

"Okay, so how much does PR cost from Mind Meld PR?"

Oh. Don't want to click that link above? Or this one, for our tech PR packages? Really don't feel like checking it out, huh? No problem. Here's the short version (Though our table is pretty darn short, too).

All our Monthly Retainer PR Packages start at $5K/month. If you need additional media outreach or marketing work, we can create a custom package.

Press release, media list, email blast and some follow ups all-in for $3K. Anticipating more news in the coming months? Check out our bundles. You can get 16% off 3 campaigns, or 20% off of 5.

We don't just do PR. Our Content Marketing Package start at $6K/month, and includes SEO website content, landing pages, newsletters, social media content and more.

And our newly-launched Executive PR Package, starting at $6K/month, helps Founders, CEOs and other tech executives boost their media presence.

"Do you still do custom PR packages?" You betcha

Yes, we still do custom public relations consulting packages. Custom service, custom pricing. But if you don't want to negotiate and you're not even really sure what to negotiate, about, now you don't have to bother. Just order right off the menu. Easy-peasy, simple PR pricing.

"Why did you decide to switch to transparent PR package pricing now?"

The simple truth is that until recently, we didn't know what it cost, either. I know that sounds dumb, but it's true.

Let me explain. You see, I'm an ex-journalist-turned marketer and PR wonk. And I hire ex-journalists for our tech PR agency because they have a nose for news. Since media relations is the focus of our agency, that's super-important. It really helps us get results from all of our pitching to reporters, day in and day out.

The problem? Journalists (ex-or-otherwise) and writers in general... well, we don't exactly have the best heads for numbers, or for how much things actually cost. We're not primarily business people. We're imaginative folks who somehow have scratched out an honest living by doing creative PR stuff.

So, both the service offering and the pricing that goes with it have been a work in progress. Heck, we're still sort of working on it, though now that we've published our pricing, it's going to be a while before we change those numbers.

Anyway, Mind Meld PR has been around long enough that we've got enough projects and retainer clients under our belt where we can answer the perennial question, "what does PR cost?" At least for us. Some agencies will cost a bit less. Some will cost a lot more. But as in all things, you get what you pay for.

We think our PR clients get very good value for what they're paying (One sign: our retainer clients do tend to stick with us for the long term).

"Why don't other PR agencies publish their pricing, too?"

Great question. And I should preface this a bit: we're not saying all PR agencies in Vancouver or anywhere else should publish their pricing, too. There are very good reasons for not going with transparent pricing.

In fact, this could be a huuuuge blunder on our part. As the Founder of Mind Meld PR, it was my decision to go this route. If it blows up in our faces, that's on me. (I don't think it will, but hey -- I've been wrong before.)

Anyway, there are a whole bunch of reasons why it is smart to not publish your pricing for various PR packages. First of all, now every other agency in the world can see what you're charging -- and adjust accordingly. So you've now given a bit of a leg up to the competition. That's the first problem.

The trouble with transparent PR pricing -- and why we're not worried.

Secondly, PR consulting has a ton of inputs (ie. the work, not the results that you get from it, generally in the form of earned media placements) -- and it's just really complicated trying to create a single PR package, or bunch of packages, that honestly shows everything you do for a client. PR is creative consulting, with many moving parts -- and it's not like manufacturing widgets in a factory.

For the 10 different possible inputs we show in our simple PR packages, there are probably 100 other things we're doing that go into the process. But by showing everything that goes into a PR package, we'd have to create service lists a mile long, with footnotes. The whole point of switching to transparent pricing was to make things less confusing for clients, not more confusing.

So, by publishing pricing, a PR agency takes a big risk. A prospect who wants PR looks at the list and says, "Hey, I don't see 'X' in this list -- so I guess you don't offer that. Well, screw you losers." Which is the opposite of what you want.

That said, I think the risk is worth it. Most companies that tend to deal with us truly see the value in what PR can do for them. They understand how media coverage helps them to find additional investment and differentiate them from the competition.

And by and large, both prospects and current clients tend to actually care about PR outputs more than inputs. Do we get results? Yes. Oh, yes. We get media coverage for tech companies.

Transparent pricing just removes a hurdle to them taking a step that they know they need to take: hiring an experienced tech PR team that knows how to get results.

"How much does PR cost?" Now you know. Looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us today and hire the Vancouver PR firm that gets results. Get the tech PR package that's right for you.

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