Mind Meld PR was founded in 2019 in the booming tech hub of Vancouver, Canada (AKA Silicon Valley North). It's a place where innovation happens, yet so many firms are unsure how to proceed when it comes to PR. That's where we come in.


Our mission


Combine proven strategies with technology and add a big dash of creativity to help tech companies tell their stories.

Who we are


Jonathon Narvey, Founder & CEO

Jonathon is a seasoned journalist and marketing professional who has straddled both sides of the media & PR divide.


Jonathon's words and ideas have found a home in the National Post, BC Business and other well-known publications.


Jonathon's personal mission? Match innovative technology companies with the skilled tech reporters who can tell their stories to an audience hungry for engaging content. 

Lyle Neff, Senior Writer

Lyle Neff is a veteran freelance writer with a background in literary and cultural journalism. A prolific book reviewer and former columnist for Vancouver’s Westender, he has also written for the Vancouver Sun and the Globe and Mail. 

A skilled researcher with expansive knowledge of the tech scene, Lyle aims to inject some zip and joie de vivre into the often-stodgy prose of the PR and marketing world. “If it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying unforgettably.”


Ilya Brotzky, CEO


"I love their strategic approach.  They're telling our story in creative ways, boosting the brand and making a real impact for the company."

Sonya Pelia,

Cira Apps Ltd.

"Amazing PR experts! Their agency has helped us gain some great visibility for our SaaS expertise."

Gwynne Fane, VP of Marketing


"Impressive results. Major news coverage in TV, radio and newspapers. Huge value for our brand!"


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