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Our Team

Jonathon Narvey headshot_edited.jpg

Jonathon Narvey,

Founder & CEO

Jonathon handles PR strategy and oversees the growth of the Mind Meld PR agency.


Jonathon founded Mind Meld PR with a big idea: telling stories that deliver value for PR clients.

Patricia Graciano headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Patricia Graciano,

Senior PR Associate

Patricia is a communications specialist with a background in digital marketing, social media, and PR. She creates content that attracts, engages, and converts.


Bold and creative, Patricia is always looking for a new challenge.


Alice Wu,

PR Associate

Alice is a weaver of genuine yet compelling narratives.


With a background in broadcast journalism, she's able to condense complicated concepts into stories that engage a wide audience. Alice comes at every challenge with an inquiring mind.

Kelsey Barnes

Kelsey Barnes,

PR Associate

Kelsey is a PR associate whose work is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and creativity. With a background as a journalist and a love for building narratives, she crafts big ideas into powerful stories that people want to read. 


Kelsey approaches every complex project with a creative mind.


Vaclav Vincalek,

Strategy & Tech Advisor

Vaclav helps the PR professionals at the Mind Meld PR agency understand technology better than anybody else.


Vaclav is experienced in aligning technology and strategy to achieve business goals for startups and enterprises.

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