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Startup Branding. 30/60/90

The Mind Meld PR agency Startup Branding package lets you hit the ground running with a brand, website and PR campaign in just 3 months.


Packages start at $20K. Contact us and get a custom price quote.

(1st month)

An experienced branding professional will help you develop your brand strategy, brand voice and templates for on-brand imagery.


(2nd MONTH)

Get a basic website designed with your brand in mind, with a blog and ecommerce to start selling instantly.

(3rd MONTH)

You've got a brand and a website. It's time to let the world know you're here! We'll launch a PR campaign to get you media coverage.


Sonya Pelia,

Cira Apps Ltd.

"Amazing tech PR agency experts! Their agency has helped us gain some great visibility for our SaaS expertise."


Ilya Brotzky, CEO


"I love their strategic approach.  They're telling our story in creative ways, boosting the brand and making a real impact for the company."


Vaclav Vincalek, Founder of Future Infinitive

"They understand technology. They understand my business -- and they bring fresh ideas that get results. It's a pleasure to work with them!"

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