Press Releases

We write your press releases, create a custom media list and distribute your news for $2,250

And that's not all we do! With Mind Meld PR, you get a mini-PR campaign with every release.


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Our process for writing press releases for you

  • Tell us about the news you want to share. Got some notes drafted already? Bullet points? Back-of-a-napkin idea? Great. That helps us get started.

  • We write your press release. Catchy subject line. Cool quotes. Some background on your company. All the info reporters need.

  • You approve the press release draft. Fantastic! Now that's out of the way...

  • We create a media target list of up to 250 reporters and editors.

  • We email the reporters on your media target list.

  • We follow up with the reporters to give them a little extra reminder to check out your story.

  • You publish the press release on your website. (We just wrote it. You own it.)

That's it! Your press release is now in shared with reporters. Success!

FAQ about how we write press releases for you

"How long does it take to write a press release?"

Assuming you can provide us with all the details we need at the start, not long at all. 48 hours, tops.

"Do you always target the same reporters for every client?"

For every press release, we will create a custom media list that goes to the types of reporters you want to include. For our clients, that usually means a lot of business and tech reporters. But we'll also add reporters who cover your niche. If you've got a HealthTech app with some HealthTech news -- well, we add reporters that cover that kind of thing a lot. We use snazzy PR software to find the best reporters for your press release."

"Do you guarantee that we get press coverage?"

Unfortunately, nope. Reporters can reject stories for all kinds of reasons. They only have so much bandwidth and many get hundreds of press releases a day. But we can tell you this. Not sending your press release to reporters will guarantee that you don't get media coverage for your story.

"What's the best day to send out a press release?"

Tuesday morning, 8 am. That's not an actual rule, but it tends to work better. On Monday, reporters are just catching up from the weekend. By Friday, they've mostly checked out. We like to catch them when they are productive.

"I already have a press release sort of half-written. You just need to edit it. Can I get a deal?"

Sorry. Our pricing is what it is. And the truth is that we're probably going to have to seriously edit that sucker. Maybe even rewrite it from scratch. There's a certain way of writing press releases that results in actual press coverage -- and we know what works.

"How do we pay you?"

Credit card works! We'll invoice you when the project is done -- right after we do our media follow-up emails.

"I think I need more than just a press release. Our company has lots of news to share. I need public relations services every month. Do you offer other PR packages?"

So glad you asked. Most of our clients work with us on an ongoing monthly retainer. Check out our tech PR packages.

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