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How to use social media to help news make news

How to use social media to help news make news

Getting media coverage is super-hard, but awesome when it happens. But your job isn't done once the article is published or the clip goes on TV. You want to get the most out of your news coverage? Get on social media (You know... that X or LinkedIn account you've been ignoring? It's game time.)

Here are some tips on how to effectively use social media to help news make even more news.

Make a post mentioning your news hit as soon as possible

If you wait too long to share your latest news hit, it could quickly become old news, especially in today’s fast-paced media landscape. 

And remember, the reporter who published your news hit is also part of your audience. After putting up their story, the reporter will be on the lookout for anything buffing up their article’s engagement. Reporters live or die by clicks. If you consistently promote the content the reporter is publishing, chances are, they will be more inclined to go back to you for a future story.

Add mentions, tags and reposts

Leaving mentions and tags linking to the journalist or media outlet that covered your story can significantly enhance the visibility of your news coverage. 

By tagging in your posts, you not only give credit where it's due but you also feed the algorithm by mentioning people within your network. Mentioning relevant parties in your captions can foster engagement and conversation around your news hit, driving further interaction and reach.

In this example, the company does this successfully through reposting a LinkedIn post promoting a podcast interview featuring their CEO, Bob Rogers. In addition, the post from has a call to action, prompting the reader to learn more about their news hit, company and CEO.

How to use social media to help news make news

How to use social media with images or video

A good photo is worth a thousand words. The same is true when it comes to posting about your latest news hit on social media. Visual content reigns supreme on social media, making it a good idea to attach images or videos when promoting your news coverage.

Here’s an example from Glass, a company celebrating one of their news hits on X/Twitter.

The post does manage to get info about the news hit across to the reader with text. But how could you make the X post really stand out and be eye-catching? Glass one-upped themselves in their next post by adding a photo.

How to use social media to help news make news

Visuals help increase the likelihood of people engaging with your post. Even simply attaching a screenshot of the news article to your post helps it stick out more in people’s social media feeds.

Don’t limit yourself to one social media post

You may feel hesitant to post about your news hit multiple times. Don’t be. 

If there's different aspects of your latest news hit that you think could be interesting to different audiences, make sure to share them on social media in separate posts.

Not only are you making the most of your news hit on social media, but you also are maximizing your potential audience engagement. 

One part of your latest media hit could hold little interest for parts of your audience. However, by sharing every bit of your media hit, you can generate interest from members of your audience that otherwise wouldn’t have engaged with your media hit.

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