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What's the big idea with Mind Meld PR?

We have bright ideas about public relations

What's the point of creating a new public relations agency for tech companies? I mean, aside from hubris and vanity? There are a few outfits out there already doing that job already, no?

In my experience, not all PR agencies do what they say they can do. So we wanted to do it better. And we've got proven processes that let us do that for our clients.

But first, I see you're kicking the tires at our website. I've got a guess about why you're here...

Been burned by a PR agency before? Yup. Me too. Let's not do that again

I write this from personal experience. As an in-house marketing manager with a tech company, I worked with agencies in the past -- with very few results to show for it.

In fairness, one of the first agencies I worked with was basically paid a pretty measly "startup" budget. Well, we got what we paid for. We averaged about one media hit a month, which wasn't exactly making a breakthrough for our brand.

Then we tried a big budget PR agency. They had a name brand and a bunch of awards to back them up. But the promised results just didn't come.

After months of working with them to develop killer pitches for targeted media, we had Zip. Zero. In this case, no news really was bad news.

How we solved our PR problem

Deep research. Creative pitches. Personalized outreach to targeted reporters, with custom and sustained relationship building. It's hard work... but it does work.

That's how we turned things around at the company.

I really wish I could say we bought some software that did the trick. Or that we invented a brand-new, silver bullet that solved all of our problems.

Let me tell you what we actually did. We started applying public relations techniques I learned from my first marketing gig, many years ago.

  • We did a deep dive on the goals we wanted to achieve. This was quick, since we'd already run through the process with the PR agencies. Just an update, really.

  • I drilled deeper into our media list, adding reporters who weren't on our radar before: freelance journalists who others ignored. Specialists who covered niches that were on the edges, but still within our core areas of expertise.

  • We paid for software to track our future PR successes and locate even more media opportunities.

  • I created pitches with irresistible headlines, original ideas and a set of interesting and timely facts that journalists would want to read.

  • I did targeted, personalized outreach and fast-follow up to arrange interviews for the stories we generated.

The PR results?

  • Dozens of feature stories in major media on TV, radio, national newspapers and regional magazines in just 6 months.

  • Over $1 million in equivalent ad value from the news coverage.

  • Millions of people introduced to the company's brand

So... we started Mind Meld PR

Why? Because there are a lot of tech companies out there that can benefit from the same approach to PR. What do we do for you?

  • Deep research.

  • Creative pitches.

  • Personalized media outreach

We don't use fancy technology. Just spreadsheets, email, smartphones and the stuff we use to build our reports. It's hard work and it takes time. But these old-school tactics that I picked up long ago still get results.

So, that's why we're here. If you're looking for a PR agency to tell your tech company's story to the world, we want to help you.

That starts by getting to know you better. Melding our minds, so to speak. With deep knowledge comes inspiration. And from that, we can tell your story to the media you want to target.

You've got a story? We want to tell it. So, give us a call! (604)230.2638.



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