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Tech PR case study for HealthTech education SaaS

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The HealthTech startup CyberPatient was prepping a major launch for an innovative medical-training product. The software was promising, the first of its kind in the SaaS market segment. But for this major strategic branding exercise, CyberPatient needed tech PR. Mind Meld PR, planned and executed a robust media campaign that earned local, regional and national coverage.

Tech PR Challenge

With the launch of CyberPatient’s SaaS medical training software, CyberPatient essentially needed to create a market, then grow to lead it. They needed help generating brand awareness.

“Our story is about accelerating medical training without putting patients at risk,” the CEO told Mind Meld. “Health-tech is a complex market with a lot of players. Interactive medical training is a huge opportunity, but we need people to know about it.”

Tech PR Solution

In conjunction with CyberPatient marketing, Mind Meld PR crafted a strategy for the messaging and distribution of sales pitches around such core themes as innovation, the CyberPatient 2.0 launch event itself, and the particular value the software could represent to developing nations needing lower-cost medical education.

Tracking both medical-oriented and general-interest outlets, Mind Meld identified reporters and editors working in these areas and created custom pitches for each media segment.

Mind Meld also recommended strategies for promoting the news through CyberPatient’s owned and third-party channels -- such as social-media sites and university newsletters. They helped the founder of CyberPatient to develop and distribute media-related announcements on social channels, increasing the reach of earned media placements for the company’s brand.

Tech PR Results

CyberPatient’s recognition factor began to rise rapidly with mainstream-newspaper story placements in the Vancouver Sun and the Province. Eastern Canadian outlets VOCM Radio and the Brantford Expositor picked up on and advanced the company’s brand narrative. Interesting Engineering featured CyberPatient on a list of 10 technologies highlighting the future of health care. TechCouver focused on CyberPatient’s backing by the prestigious University of British Columbia. Draft Canada told a feature-length story of how the company went from idea to startup.

“Mind Meld PR helped us develop great marketing materials and made us known to the right people,” said CyberPatient’s CEO. “Mind Meld PR’s strategic thinking and tactical knowledge really helped us out.”

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