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Why hire the Mind Meld PR agency vs. hiring a PR pro in-house?

Why hire the Mind Meld PR agency vs. hiring a PR pro in-house?

Looking to add PR to your marketing mix? Hesitating because you’re just not sure whether you should hire a PR agency or hire a PR person for your in-house marketing team?

We run into a lot of companies that are thinking this very thing. And we can’t answer that question for every PR agency vs. hiring a PR pro in-house. We can speak for us.

And if you’re reading this, then that’s the decision you’re probably looking to make. Not “should I go with a PR agency?” Rather, “should I go with the Mind Meld PR agency vs. just trying to do this PR stuff on our own, in-house.

So, with that out of the way, here’s a simple cheat sheet to help you make your decision.

"What kind of results will I get with the Mind Meld PR agency vs. hiring PR in-house?"

Mind Meld PR agency. Our PR team gets news coverage for clients every month. We have a great track record with a wide range of tech companies, who stick with us for the long term. We’re there for you as you grow. Advantage, Mind Meld PR agency

In-house PR pro. Depends on who you hire. (Good luck!) You might not get any results for a while. Maybe you get an exceptional candidate - but if they’re that exceptional, they could always jump ship for another firm… and now, you’re starting from scratch. That’s a big pain.

“How fast will I start seeing PR results (ie. actual media coverage)?”

Mind Meld PR agency. We’ve got the experience to hit the ground running right after the PR kickoff meeting. It’s not uncommon for us to see results in the second week of service. Advantage, Mind Meld PR agency

In-house PR pro. Your PR pro might need training and also might need to build up their processes from scratch. Time is money.

"Isn’t it always more pricey to go with a PR agency?"

Mind Meld PR agency. Not necessarily. We’re about middle of the pack for a PR agency in terms of pricing. But it’s true that expert PR services don’t come cheap. You’re looking at $6K to $10K/month.

In-house PR pro. Want someone with PR experience? It could be about the same cost as our service. However, a junior person you need to train and doesn’t get results fast might cost you more in the long run. If you think a great internal hire is going to be expensive, just think how much a bad hire could cost you.

"How much will I have to manage our PR person?"

Mind Meld PR agency. Got a few minutes? That's literally all we need most of the time. Once we’ve done the PR kickoff meeting with a client in the first week, we handle the PR strategy and get your sign-off. We’ll do our research, schedule updates, briefings and training and be in touch when reporters are interested. Once we really get going, a few quick check-ins a week is all we need to keep this PR train rolling. Advantage, Mind Meld PR agency

In-house PR pro. You might get lucky with a self-directed pro who is totally accountable and needs minimal direction and understands strategy. On the other hand, it’s common for internal hires originally brought on to do PR who are either let go or reassigned to other marketing functions, because they don’t get the results. A lot depends on luck.

By going with the Mind Meld PR agency, you get...

  • Real media coverage that can only come from a diligent, persistent, effective public relations process.

  • A fast startup. Mind Meld PR may get you media opportunities in your first or second week of PR service.

  • Great value for the money you’ll spend on professional PR services.

  • A low-touch service that gets you the media results you want, without a need for babysitting or training the PR professionals who are working for you.



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