• Lyle Neff

Betakit. Canuck tech expertise now driving the economy, says VanHack

2020’s looking so bright, VanHack CEO and founder Ilya Brotzky has got to wear shades. He breaks out the digital crystal ball here for an entertaining survey of tech recruiting trends for the New Year.

Read Ilya Brotzky on growing pains in digital transformation.

“IT is no longer seen as a cost centre. With digital transformation, these departments need to add value, or even take the lead in creating value for the customer.

The result? We’re seeing more focus on “soft skills” when companies are hiring tech professionals. Having good coding skills is almost table stakes these days. Companies want senior developers who can also talk in-depth with the CEO and the rest of the team about business goals and challenges. They need people who can think in terms of strategy and communicate well with others outside of the tech team.

As Brotzky says, good coding skills now will just get you to the table. The new decade’s truly successful tech worker also needs to show real versatility on the business/ strategy side of tech enterprises.

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