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Toronto Star. Tech-aware consumers can’t tell the difference between deepfakes, says DeepMedia

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

And with the rise of AI capabilities, scammers have become increasingly sophisticated in their approach, leveraging advanced technology and exploiting vulnerabilities in telecoms. They use tactics such as spoofing caller ID, utilizing robocalls, and techniques to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information.

A company trying to curb the issue? DeepMedia, a California-based company that provides users the ability to use its AI tools for language translation purposes.

“These scams are about to get significantly more advanced with the creation of generative AI,” states Rijul Gupta, CEO of DeepMedia. “Even tech-aware consumers can’t tell it’s fake — it’s really scary.”

As generative AI technology progresses, the ability to create phony recreations of someone’s voice (aka “deepfakes”) becomes easier and easier.

Speaking with the Toronto Star, Gupta notes the ongoing battle against scam phone calls and the promising developments that have emerged to address this problem.

Rather than responding to questions posed by unknown callers that could be scammers, its advised to think critically about the request for money or personal information.

It’s suggested to use a STIR/SHAKEN framework, a technology designed to verify the authenticity of caller ID information. By confirming the legitimacy of calls, this system aims to detect and block spoofed numbers, thereby reducing the prevalence of scam calls.

Companies like DeepMedia are using advanced artificial intelligence to create innovative technology to help bridge language and AI as a way of making our lives easier. Now, machine learning models can analyze call patterns, language cues, and other indicators to identify potential scams, enabling users to avoid answering or receiving such calls.

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