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Fast Company. Rise of AI brings a new age of tech history, says Deep Media.

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

It’s impossible to deny the rise of AI. AI-powered technologies like ChatGPT have forced everyone to reckon with the future of work. And as AI advances, concerns regarding job redundancies and the transformation of roles increases.

In a recent feature on Fast Company, journalist Danica Lo explored the evolving landscape of AI and its potential effects on the job market. ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, represents a significant milestone in natural language processing capabilities. While some fear that AI will replace human workers across industries, experts argue that AI technologies like ChatGPT are more likely to augment human capabilities rather than entirely replace them.

One of those experts? Rijul Gupta, the co-founder and CEO. He believes the rise of AI is ushering in a new era for technology. “The rise of AI signifies the dawn of a new age in human history—an era that will witness the birth of industries and job opportunities unimaginable to us today,” says Gupta.

Despite the rise of AI and fears of job cuts, embracing AI rather than being afraid of it will be the best move. ChatGPT has demonstrated its proficiency in generating coherent and contextually appropriate responses in various conversational scenarios.

But no need to fear. Rather than replacing jobs, AI-powered technologies like ChatGPT have the potential to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and enhance customer experiences.

It’s a sentiment that Gupta echoes. “In this brave new world, the job market will evolve to accommodate novel industries, forging a diverse array of opportunities that cater to the unique skill sets of tomorrow’s workforce. From ethical AI oversight and AI-enhanced design to AI-driven healthcare and education, these emerging fields will herald a renaissance of human achievement fuelled by our partnership with AI.”

By leveraging AI, workers in diverse fields can offload repetitive and mundane tasks, focusing more on complex, engaging, and strategic aspects of their work. AI can enhance productivity and free up human workers to focus on higher-value activities. However, careful consideration must be given to mitigate any negative impacts on employment.

So, what’s the best way to handle the rise of AI? Embrace it as a tool that complements and augments human capabilities, ultimately leading to more efficient and fulfilling work experiences.

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