• Lyle Neff

Business in Vancouver. Simple benchmarks the route to gender equality, says Unbounce

If your enterprise staff bears no gender/ cultural resemblance to your customer base, how do you know what opportunities you might be missing? BC Tech Association boss Jill Tipping notes here that companies like Unbounce Marketing Solutions, makers of the Smart Traffic AI home-page tool, have gotten to real inclusion quickly, by leveraging the existing networks of women and other marginalised groups.

Read about Unbounce Inc. and their quick trip to parity.

“Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc., known for developing platforms that allow marketers to create landing pages without investing in their own web developers, pledged in 2016 to reach gender parity within its workforce.

The company revealed in November that it had reached that goal, part of the Minerva B.C. Pledge, within three years.

Meanwhile, Tipping said she believes the significant gap in gender representation is persistent in B.C. not due to lack of motivation but because of available information and supply of talent.”

The BC Tech Association’s survey of the genders and ethnicities professed by individuals in BC’s tech workforce is exactly the sort of thing its constituent companies pay it to do. As with so much else in the tech space, you can’t accomplish inclusion without metrics.

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