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Case Study. PR for an AI-powered logistics startup

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Many companies are turning to AI for help in optimizing supply chain management to ensure profitability. Oii offers an AI-powered logistics platform to help companies create systems to avoid supply chain blockages, overstocks, and waste. As a new startup, Oii needed a PR agency to showcase the company as the experts, to help win new customers and investment.

PR Results 58 media hits in major media outlets

Case Study. PR for an AI-powered logistics startup

PR Challenge

Oii’s biggest challenge was to build credibility as a new player in the logistics space.

Oii weren’t yet known as trusted experts in their field. They needed PR to showcase a wide range of success stories around their business, including the launch of Optii — software that identifies supply planning issues before they arise.

PR Solution

The Mind Meld PR team had to create a press campaign that demonstrated Oii’s work in the supply chain management and logistics industry. Mind Meld PR crafted pitches about supply chain issues in areas like hurdles in food manufacturing and supply, the complex problems around supplying big box stores, overcoming breakdowns in the automotive industry, beating a global supply shortage in microprocessors and more.

In addition, Mind Meld PR used Oii’s expert commentary in PR pitches about newsworthy topics like overcoming logistical challenges of rail strikes, reducing a supply chain’s carbon footprint and dealing with global supply chain backlogs by using AI.

PR Results

Mind Meld PR helped Oii establish themselves as experts in nearly 50 major pieces of earned media coverage in just a few months.

Oii was featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, Inc. magazine, Lifewire, TechTarget, TechHQ, NTD TV and many more outlets and long-form podcasts. In these articles, the Oii team’s executives shared their expertise about how companies could overcome supply chain issues using new AI-augmented processes.

Mind Meld PR also garnered extensive coverage for Oii’s founder’s book on AI. The company was featured in Fast Company, Yahoo! and others. In addition, Mind Meld PR provided media training to enhance the value of all of Oii’s media opportunities.

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