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Case Study. PR for a cleantech startup

Updated: Feb 7

25 media hits 30M+ audience reach

The transportation sector tops the list as the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Delivery and freight vehicles are responsible for nearly 30% of the output in the US alone. This reality is driving an increased demand for eco-friendly vehicles, particularly hydrogen-powered ones.

Good PR can help these green innovations roll out even faster. Here's how a strategic PR campaign helped the first hydrogen-powered eco-courier company in North America win major media coverage to roll out its brand at electrifying speed.

Case Study. PR for a cleantech startup

About Geazone

Geazone Eco-Courier is a leading cleantech company offering everything from same-day deliveries to complex distribution services on the west coast. In late 2022, they were ready to launch North America’s first hydrogen-powered courier fleet. They’d snagged a rebate partnership program with the BC government's CleanBC Go Electric Hydrogen Fleet program to do it. Geazone needed to get the word out, which is where PR for a cleantech startup came into play.

PR Challenge

But with big dreams come big challenges. While Geazone was not a brand-new startup, its brand awareness was limited and its timeline was tight.

They had to host a conference (a first for them) online, including government and corporate partners, without the help of an in-house marketing team. Meanwhile, their CEO, despite having some media experience, needed a boost in confidence to handle expected inbound media interviews.

PR Solution

Over the course of six weeks, Mind Meld PR executed a PR campaign including the following elements:

Press conference. Coordinated a Zoom-hosted press conference featuring government representatives, Toyota execs, and Geazone's own team.

Press releases. Created, pitched, and coordinated Geazone’s press release of the new announcement, and helped to build out releases from government partners.

Proactive storytelling. Built on Geazone's initial strategy for storylines to add angles around the shift to green energy and lessons on entrepreneurship.

Media training. Provided media training to Geazone's leadership team, so they could handle reporters’ questions like a pro.

PR Results

The results of Geozone’s campaign were impressive. The press conference we organized for Geazone Eco-Courier was a standout success. Journalists from all across the province attended, keeping the conversation lively and engaging with their questions throughout the entire session.

Adding to this success, we managed to get Geazone's CEO a spot on "The Career Changers" podcast. It was a great opportunity for him to share his journey from pro-mountain biker to cleantech entrepreneur.

In just a few weeks, Mind Meld PR secured over 25 pieces of news coverage, reaching an audience of more than 30 million. Many of these hits were achieved within just the first 24 hours after the press release went live.

Ready to get your tech company in the news? We’ll make sure your next big move makes a splash. Contact Mind Meld PR today



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