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Case Study. PR for an ePublishing and eReading startup

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Enjoying an eBook has historically been reserved for those with specialty devices like Kindles or Kobos. And by moving to those platforms, books lost a little bit of their beauty.

Good PR would help the eReading and ePublishing startup spread the word about its browser-based platform that boasted ‘beautiful’ books. Mind Meld PR built campaigns around Legible’s high-profile partnerships, innovative technology and novel approach to scaling a new ePublishing business. The result was 34 media hits in just two months.

About Legible

Case Study. PR for an ePublishing and eReading startup

The eReading and ePublishing tech startup was one of the first browser-based platforms in the world. Its aim is for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy beautifully-designed eBooks, on any browser. What sets it apart from competitors is its ‘living books’ format, which integrates audio, video, animations, music, and sound into the books.

PR Challenge

Legible needed a balanced campaign to execute its big announcements in a way that got real mainstream media coverage. The company had struggled in the past even to explain what their company and technology were really about. Now they needed to have on-brand, consistent messaging and engaging story ideas to break through to their audience.

PR Solution

Since Legible had some high-profile partnerships in the pipeline, the Mind Meld PR team worked in tandem with Legible’s internal team. Since each partnership suited a different industry, Mind Meld PR got to work researching and building media lists for targeted outreach, while strategizing ways to iterate storylines for different reporters.

One partnership highlighted Legible’s AI Animal Farm. Another story featured a company with ties to Tesla. Legible also brought on the executive producer of all the Batman films. And the ePublisher signed deals that gave it exclusive rights to certain Stan Lee properties. Mind Meld targeted journalists in the publishing world, as well as those writing about film, comics, automotive entertainment, and the broader AI market.

On top of the partnerships, Mind Meld PR took every available opportunity to highlight Legible’s ‘living books.’ That particular angle garnered the attention of several journalists who were interested in this ‘unique’ way of reading ebooks.

PR Results

Mind Meld PR's strategy for Legible highlights the importance of targeted outreach. Prior to the public relations campaign, Legible's newswire press releases struggled to gain traction with media outlets. By delivering the news to the appropriate journalists’ inboxes, Mind Meld PR successfully arranged exclusive interviews with the CEO and generated organic media coverage for Legible's numerous partnerships.

Results included a long list of niche and mainstream publications, including CBC, CTV, Business in Vancouver, Techcouver, Comic Book Resources, and Animation News Network, among many others. The overall media coverage included 34 media hits, which had a major impact on Legible’s business prospects with partners and investors.

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