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Case Study. PR for a crypto startup

Cryptocurrency and digital currencies are an exciting new frontier for payments and fintech. 

With a lot of hype in the crypto sector, adoption of digital currencies was slow to go mainstream. CoinOS touts itself as the easiest way to get started with bitcoin. Users can set up a free web wallet and payment page. 

As an early mover in this space, CoinOS needed to build public awareness to help grow their business. Mind Meld PR helped CoinOS to get that bigger brand with local, regional and international news coverage highlighting their platform and their expertise in cryptocurrencies.

Case Study. PR for a crypto startup

About CoinOS

The cryptocurrency startup makes it easy for users to create an account, ask for payments and start spending cryptocurrencies immediately. 

PR Challenge

CoinOS wasn’t just launching their startup. They were also ready to announce the first white-label NFT marketplace in the world. This was at a time when NFTs were just beginning to take off. The excitement was palpable, but there was still a lot of uncertainty even among fintech fans about how to access the technology. CoinOS’ new NFT marketplace made it easy for artists, entrepreneurs and others to begin selling unique, one-of-a-kind products using NFTs. 

Mind Meld PR had to create awareness for a new product category on a relatively tight timeline, in order to get the jump on the competition.

PR Solution

Mind Meld PR ran with a multi-pronged PR strategy for this crypto startup. The PR team targeted local and regional reporters on Canada’s west coast with a “made-in-Canada” fintech story about the launch of the startup and the new NFT marketplace. The team also targeted reporters for business and fintech-focused publications in the USA, taking advantage of interest in NFTs and crypto pricing more generally.

PR Results

Mind Meld PR's strategy for CoinOS succeeded in delivering major earned media coverage in outlets far and wide. The focus on regional business and tech publications landed stories in the biggest outlets on Canada’s west coast including Business in Vancouver, Techcouver and BC Business. Broader simultaneous outreach to international media outlets garnered media hits in CoinDesk, Startup Thread and BuiltIn. This helped CoinOS to build its brand at a critical time, setting it up for even bigger opportunities. 

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