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Case Study. PR for an AI deepfake detection and universal translator startup

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

AI-powered deepfakes have been the talk of the tech world lately. They're sparking vital debates on everything from public policy to privacy. DeepMedia aspired to be at the heart of these conversations.

By partnering with Mind Meld PR to execute a strategic public relations effort, DeepMedia’s name has reached hundreds of millions. Here's the story of their PR journey.

About DeepMedia

Case Study. PR for AI universal translation and deepfake detection startup

DeepMedia has developed a solution that uses AI to fortify the ability of organizations like the USA’s DoD and United Nations in detecting deceptive deepfakes.

PR Challenge

DeepMedia has already gained early traction in a competitive AI-driven tech sector. The next step? Build their brand to gain top-of-funnel traction with new partners and customers. DeepMedia wanted to ensure their message reached mainstream media outlets as well as technical trade publications, long form podcasts and more.

The company’s objectives were to establish a strong presence in the synthetic media sector, lead conversations surrounding AI and deepfakes, cybersecurity, AI innovation and more.

PR Solution

Mind Meld PR's strategy for Deep Media hinged on tapping into the global conversation around deepfakes to firmly position DeepMedia as a thought leader in the space.

To do this, the PR team monitored and engaged with journalists covering stories related to deepfake technology, as well as the tech’s implications on public policy and various markets. When there were new developments, the team shared relevant insights straight from DeepMedia’s CEO.

The PR team also disseminated media with press releases and timely pitches to keep the company engaged in the right circles. Behind the scenes, Mind Meld PR coordinated media appearances and prepped DeepMedia’s spokespeople for interviews to ensure every appearance resonated with DeepMedia's core message.

PR Results

Case Study. PR for AI universal translation and deepfake detection startup

Over the course of seven months, DeepMedia's visibility skyrocketed. In total, Mind Meld PR secured over 50 media hits for DeepMedia, in outlets with a combined reach of over 400 million media impressions.

DeepMedia was featured in globally recognized and acclaimed outlets like CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Reuters, Fast Company, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and The Guardian, among many others.

DeepMedia's experience shows how solid tech PR strategy and execution can make all the difference in getting a brand's voice heard in a very crowded tech sector.

Is your AI tech startup ready for the spotlight? We’ve got your covered. Contact Mind Meld PR today


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