• Lyle Neff

CMSWire. Thought leadership the quickest route to happy customers, Cira Apps says

Today’s customers differ from the pre-digital kind. They’re more skeptical, busier -- and, of course, much better informed. The Cira Apps CMO Sonya Pelia notes that though 2020’s consumers are generally distrustful of advertising and even brands, they still trust people -- and there’s a significant opening there.

Read Sonya Pelia on becoming a trusted advisor.

You want to provide your best expertise without holding back, to really help people, even if they never buy from you.

“It is about becoming a trusted advisor... by focusing on the needs of the customer even before they consider buying your product.”

Thought leadership writing and distribution, bolstered by data-driven analytics, can put a face and a voice to your company’s offerings. Extremely-online consumers respond better when you personalize the value proposition -- with honest and useful facts and info.

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