• Lyle Neff

Forbes. VR tools can take the fear out of dangerous materials, says Future Infinitive

Virtual reality is a supple technology, which in concert with other high-data processes may have applications we haven’t dreamed of yet. The thinkers and dreamers here are doing some important speculative work. The Future Infinitive partner Vaclav Vincalek’s suggestions are perhaps the most down-to-earth and immediately practical.

Read Vaclav Vincalek on VR in manufacturing and energy.

“... Technicians can make use of VR, integrated with machines, like Tony Stark in Iron Man.

They can use VR to visualize how to move dangerous radioactive or contaminated materials around using robot “hands”—with a far lower risk of an accident."

Many of the other writers here speak of VR for mistakes-allowed training applications, and a consensus seems to be forming that education is the tech’s first great use case. It’s all about the transition from the information age to the experience age. That’s without even getting into the XR - or extended reality - education modes Vincalek’s talking about.

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