• Lyle Neff

Daily Hive. Gender equality is more than a distant dream, says Unbounce, then proves it

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The Vancouver makers of the Smart Traffic AI landing-page platform, Unbounce.com, hit the ground running when CEO Rick Perreault made an official promise to achieve gender equality in the workplace, back in 2016. Just three years later, here they are, the unlikely mission accomplished: two hundred employees, half of them identifying as female.

Check out Unbounce’s Tara Grominsky on the value of multiple perspectives.

“Five female experts from different career paths and backgrounds... were key players in launching the initiative.

Some of the female team members behind Smart Traffic include a Director of Product Marketing, Data Senior Manager, Director of UX, Senior Product Designer, and Software Developer.

One of Unbounce’s values is diversity — we’re big believers in bringing diverse perspectives and backgrounds to the table in order to bring truly innovative technology to market,” said Tamara Grominsky, Director of Product Marketing.”

Unbounce is doing some pioneer stuff with software as well. Their futuristic Smart Traffic is a nifty platform with a powerful AI algorithm that allows enterprises to tailor their landing pages so that they convert more online leads. A rising star in the Vancouver tech scene, Unbounce employs a diverse team to produce leading-edge innovation so marketers can get better results.

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