• Lyle Neff

Pickaweb. Every IT project worker should deliver customer value, says Future Infinitive

Big-league IT projects, of the kind the Future Infinitive partner Vaclav Vincalek talks about here, can be stressful. As the project develops, so might complications. Without attention to all the pieces in the puzzle, particularly leadership that’s clear on customer-value strategy, the undertaking can wobble. You might spend a lot on things no customer will ever care about.

Read Vaclav Vincalek on project transparency.

“Rather than starting with which technology stack to use, which programming language to use, which cloud vendor to subscribe to, etc., we should start with where we can deliver customer value. Then we can start the project with real focus.

“First, do we even have data to embark on this project? There’s a simple test. Can we quantify the statement? “We know that X percent of our customers would benefit using this feature and the result would translate to higher revenue.”

The many moving parts of a big project will snap into focus if you view them through the single lens of customer value, Vincalek suggests. It’s tricky - like driving a highway as you’re building it - but it can be done.

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