• Lyle Neff

Forbes. Avoid ‘scope creep’ to right a struggling tech project, says Future Infinitive

A tech project that’s succeeding is a tightly-focused one, the writers here agree - and if you start off right, particularly in the matter of the smallest budget realistically possible, bumps and wobbles down the line are much less likely. Future Infinitive partner Vaclav Vincalek is particularly emphatic about smart budgeting for tech projects.

Read Vaclav Vincalek on defeating ‘scope creep’.

“You have to find a balance between a healthy diet and starvation…

If the budget is too small, the team won’t have the resources to really do the job. But a big budget leads to scope creep and other problems.”

A project of any size is subject to stresses if you misallocate time, people and money. The best way to avoid problems down the line is to have these allocations straight at the beginning.

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