• Lyle Neff

Forbes. Cira Apps explains a simple way to avoid Consumer Electronics Show mobs

Ask what the advantage of a trade show is to your company, and you’ll hear the word “networking” a lot. I mean, a lot. Maybe too much. Vern Weiszman, the contrarian CEO of Cira Apps, wisely suggests potential CES attendees take account of another network, within which all that networking takes place. Call it the mediasphere -- or just the Internet.

Read Vern Weiszman on the wisdom of inattendance.

“As someone who has enjoyed CES in the past and genuinely sees value in it, [this] may seem counterintuitive: Avoid the crowds and stay home.

Read the headlines at the end… you can actually be a bit of a free rider and let the reporters tell you what’s important.”

It does seem counterintuitive! But if budgets are lean, and you can accept that FOMO is not a legitimate business strategy, Weiszman’s quite right that a front-row seat to CES, via the screen on your desk, is likely good enough for most enterprises.

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