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Forbes. Borderless Brazil is a deep well of talent, according to VanHack

Updated: Dec 17, 2019 Borderless Brazil is a deep well of talent, according to VanHack

It’s not easy to find and hire exactly the skilled workers you need for complex tech projects and enterprises. If it were, this would be a much richer and lower-friction world. VanHack’s CEO Ilya Brotzky has identified one niche efficiency to help get us there - an unlikely pipeline between Brazilian talent and Canadian capital.

Read Ilya Brodzky’s further thoughts on international recruiting.

After four years working in Brazil, Ilya Brotzky started VanHack as an online school aimed at equipping Brazilian programmers with the soft skills they need in order to find a job opportunity overseas.

"When I moved back to Vancouver in 2014, many technology professionals I met in Brazil started to approach me asking how they could find a job in Canada. I then identified a demand and a market opportunity and started to create content to try and solve the problems of that particular audience," he said.

The business then expanded into recruitment, with customers ranging from large consulting firms like Deloitte to startups such as food delivery operator SkipTheDishes. According to Brotzky, VanHack has recruited candidates for 725 tech jobs so far, of which 650 have been filled by Brazilian programmers.”

As long as the world stays enormous and diverse -- which is likely! -- there’s going to be tremendous value in tech recruitment firms like VanHack. If they can put talent down the tunnel to where it’s required, the sky’s the limit.



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