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Forbes. Creativity the differentiator for tech job-seekers, says Cira Apps

Forbes. Creativity the differentiator for tech job-seekers, says Cira Apps

As the post-Covid recovery gears up, you can hear the sound of dust being knocked off a lot of resumes. Many companies will vanish, but many others will appear -- and in the tech world in particular, the individual with rare skills will continue to be a sought-after commodity. Members of the Forbes Tech Council, including Cira Apps Ltd founder and CTO Vern Weitzman, reflect here on just what the needed skillsets may be -- and how the smart tech professional might deploy them.

Read Vern Weitzman on opportunities for tech specialists.

“To stand out, it helps to have some live examples of your work. But in a fast-breaking field, it’s also important to be up-to-date on the latest developments. The most important thing to set you apart? Creativity. In a new field, you must be able to connect the dots.”

Interestingly, many of the other thinkers here emphasize the rarity and value of IT pros whose skills aren’t just technical, but creative. Employers in this historical moment are particularly keen on staff who know how to bridge gaps between product development and marketing.

So a product-oriented developer with even just a dash of marketing experience will get her c.v. to the top of employers’ inboxes. Similarly, highly-specialized engineers and technicians might want to ensure they at least know what end-users are asking for, and what the pain points of a company’s clientele might be. IT people don’t have to be marketers -- but the answer to the question “What skills are tech employers looking for?” is really: “More.”



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