• Lyle Neff

Forbes. CTO’s strategic vision should drive tech team training, says PCIS

Lots of worthwhile insights here, but Vaclav Vincalek, CEO of PCIS, stands out with a simple reminder about where the buck has to stop. In the whirlwind of upgrades, certifications and possibly-useful developments any IT team faces, you need a rock-solid CTO who understands where real competitive advantage lies.

Check out Vaclav Vincalek on strategy and the CTO.

“If you’re in the dairy industry, that’s very different from working at Amazon…

If the tech leader understands what kind of technology will create a strategic advantage for the company, they can provide the education or support the team by hiring people with the right skills.”

Agreed: the hard-working people in your IT trenches need good officers, who can see the whole battlefield. A CTO with real strategic perception could be a company’s most valuable asset.

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