• Lyle Neff

Forbes. Direct political energy where it’ll do the most good, says Future Infinitive

You can reframe the debate over climate change and the environment as, simply, a debate about energy: how to get it, how to deploy it, what the real costs are.

This sidesteps the increasingly tedious denier-to-alarmist political spectrum, now so intertwined with partisan tribalism that its value as an intellectual framework approaches zero.

The Future Infinitive partner Vaclav Vincalek, having never seen a box he couldn’t think outside of, brings some rigour to the question, and notes that tech innovations have to be part of the solution.

Read Vaclav Vincalek on climate policy and the modular fix.

“...Renewables create their own environmental hazards. Climate crisis boosters have no soft spot for the mining industry, but we’ll need to extract 12 times as much metal to meet the demand for solar panels by 2050. And when solar panels degrade, they leak toxic pollutants into the environment…

“What we’re doing right now isn’t working. What might? I’m happy to tell you that some of the solutions are already well within our grasp -- and we’re already working on the next-generation energy solution.”

As Vincalek says, no matter what solutions we adopt, a vast amount of capital and tech talent is going to be required. Voters and politicians will want to ensure it’s worthwhile for investors and entrepreneurs to tend in a green direction.

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