• Lyle Neff

Forbes. Northern neighbours a boon for remote and branch tech offices, says VanHack

From Amazon-with-an-”eh” to Zenefits-with-a-zed, US tech companies large and small are discovering the financial and HR benefits of expanding their operations north of the 49th. It’s not just the reliable workforce and the single-payer health care, notes VanHack CEO Ilya Brotzky - it’s that the Canadians encourage you to source your talent wherever in the world it’s to be found.

Read Ilya Brotzky on Canadian acquisitions and the talent pool.

“Canada is a big country, but when companies head north, they tend to do so literally. San Francisco and Seattle-based companies go to Vancouver, and East Coasters go to Toronto. For many companies, that will be driving distance from U.S. offices if they don’t feel like taking a plane for those times when your U.S. managers need to check in.

That’s not always the case, though. I’ve spoken with many companies that have distributed workforces in places like Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon — small-to-midsized cities that have their own tech hubs.”

Canada’s mature tech infrastructure and seasoned workforce make it a solid value for all kinds of enterprise and startup operations. As savvy Americans know, the Canucks love to do business -- and they’re always ready if you want to pass them the puck.

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