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Forbes. Offer unique experiences to draw tech talent, says Future Infinitive

Forbes. Offer unique experiences to draw tech talent, says Future Infinitive

As the tech world reinvents itself in the wake of COVID-19, recruiting in the segment is trickier than ever. The pandemic didn’t slow the growth of new technologies -- indeed, in fields like telehealth and digital payments, enterprises’ need for elite workers with rare skills has only grown. And your company isn’t the only one trying to lure smart people with uncommon skills like data visualization and SQL programming.

The Future Infinitive Partner Vaclav Vincalek, along with other business leaders at the Forbes Technology Council, has been considering the problem. Aside from the old-school tactic of offering stacks of cash, how can companies attract and keep the kind of high-value staff modern enterprises increasingly need? One way to catch their interest, Vincalek suggests, is… being interesting.

What gets people interested? Provide them with interesting work where they can show they know their field better than anyone else. So, actually show them the projects you’re working on...

“Can you offer that kind of unique experience? Then you don’t need to convince them. They’ll convince themselves.

Top-tier IT professionals are looking for more than just cash and perks -- what they really hunger for is interesting problems, and the means to solve them. In fact, 71% say they’d take a pay cut for an ideal job -- one where they’re actually challenged, not spending a quarter of their time on administrative busywork.

Present your company’s work environment as one that’s friendly to curious minds, and you’ll find high-end tech recruiting that much easier. Of course, advertising yourself as such only gets elite workers in the door -- to retain them, you have to follow through, and build a corporate culture that’s genuinely, and consistently, intellectually stimulating.



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