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Forbes. Take away the masks to defeat robocaller armies, says Cira Apps

Updated: May 15, 2020

Forbes. Take away the masks to defeat robocaller armies, says Cira Apps

The rise in automated, spray-and-pray telemarketing is literally beyond irritating. Robocalling, in numerous business scenarios, is an actual threat to operations, Cira Apps CTO Vern Weitzman notes in this cogent piece.

Mass blocking of originating robocall phone numbers creates more problems than it solves, Weitzman suggests. The answer? Either sound government policy that eliminates marketers’ ability to hide behind fake Caller ID numbers -- or SaaS products that immediately confirm the legitimacy of inbound calls.

Read Vern Weitzman on creating a spoof-free world.

Software already exists that can automatically synchronize contact lists, whether those are sales leads lists or internal employees, throughout an organization’s smartphones. And it will keep it up to date.

With that information on your smartphone, you will see people already in your circle of trust (even if that circle is a 10,000-person organization). You will be able to make an informed choice as to whether to pick up. This isn’t a technology that just automatically comes with your company’s smartphones, but it can be enabled with a SaaS solution behind the scenes.”

You definitely want to keep your company’s network free of robocalling, as a form of insurance if nothing else -- a poorly-timed or misinterpreted robocall could cause actual havoc. Then too, as Weitzman notes, sustained robocalling is as violently irritating as a cloud of mosquitoes, and can overtop your cognitive load.



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