• Lyle Neff

Forbes. There’s a simple test for your cyber-security posture, says Cira Apps

There’s an unnerving multiplicity of threats and bad actors to trouble the sleep of anyone in charge of enterprise cyber-security. Given the practically-infinite number of hazards, and the potentially-disastrous consequences of a breach or theft, how can you be sure your safeguards are operative, up to date, and effective?

There’s just one route, suggests Cira Apps CEO Vern Weitzman: you’ve got to test, test and test some more.

Join Vern Weitzman as he inspects the defences.

“Many companies will have a recovery plan in place, but do they test it? For instance, run a scenario where every computer in your office gets infected and a ransomware hacker wants $1 million to unlock your system.

If you can effectively restore from an offline backup, that’s a pass. But that still means you need to test one or two backup recoveries once a month, or more.”

That’s hard to argue - although one might point out that the French had probably double-tested every nail in the Maginot Line. Unfortunately, black-hat hackers are not just numerous, but wildly inventive. Pity the poor CTO, who must defend your enterprise against cyber-threats from every possible direction -- and some seemingly-impossible ones.

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