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Medium. Working from home gives people more time to take care of their wellness, says Xcelrate UDI

Working from home gives people more time to take care of their wellness, says Xcelrate UDI

There’s a housemate on a loud work call, a comfy commute from bed to table, kids wanting lunch, and the flexibility of hopping on and off of the laptop when we like. Working from home has become pretty normal, and despite the challenges it can pose, we’re all saving quite a bit of time and money -- one business even reported saving roughly $3k a month in utilities and overheads!

Healthtech startup Xcelrate UDI has been working with a remote and distributed team since Day 1 -- and now having thrived for over 5 years with this set-up, they’re a strong advocate for this set-up.

Read Dawon Hawkins, Chief People & Training Officer, thoughts on working from home.

“The benefits absolutely outweigh the costs! From the perspective of the company, we enjoy much lower operational costs as there’s less money spent on rent and maintenance of an office space. We like to think of the environmental impact too. We’re taking up less space and therefore less resources, expecting less travel from colleagues, and most paperwork is being replaced by working online.”

Hiring remotely means companies are no longer restricted to a small pocket of people, they’ve got the entire globe to pick from. They can afford to be pickier, take more time, and have more of a chance to find the right people -- leading to an innovative and flourishing team.

But it’s not just about the company -- employees benefit from remote working too. Staff appreciates the flexibility of fitting work around home life, fitting mental and physical wellness around their KPIs. There’s no rush to get a packed lunch ready or spend money on fast food when the kitchen is just downstairs.

While other contributors are progressing towards a full remote team, Xcelrate have been realizing the effects for years that others are just starting to embrace -- living in any area you like, wearing your comfiest clothes, and a boost in morale.



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