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Case Study. Tech PR for a recruitment platform

Recruitment platform TalentMarketplace uses machine learning to generate matches between candidates and employers, creating a curated talent pool of project professionals.

The pandemic fast-forwarded the digital transformation and remote work trend, increasing the demand for high-skilled tech talent. The result was an unprecedented shortage of talent.

With TalentMarketplace’s platform, companies could sidestep this issue with access to a pre-screened pool of candidates that matched their needs, and a direct form of contact - cutting hiring time by 8 weeks.

TalentMarketplace counted on Mind Meld PR to help promote their company to both potential employers and candidates. They needed the agency to present TalentMarketplace as a trustworthy and valuable source of workplace advice.

Tech PR Challenge

Even if the tech shortage was all over the news, most updates referred to traditional job-seeking methods that were slow and not always productive. The releases and pitches needed to highlight how innovative TalentMarketplace’s machine-learning software was, and how it could help companies and candidates in an effective and fast manner.

The Great Resignation and the Remote Work trend was booming too, with many wondering why and how long this would continue. Mind Meld PR’s campaign would need to showcase TalentMarketplace as a source of information for workforce trends and outlooks, based on their own experience, research and data.

Tech PR Solution

Mind Meld PR made use of the news swarm around the hiring struggles companies were facing. Using specific examples and data from TalentMarketplace, releases showcased the unique and innovative platform as a solution, targeting business, human resources and economic outlets.

As enquiries about remote working and the great resignation were high, the Mind Meld PR team was quick to establish TalentMarketplace as a reliable source of information by connecting the company with journalists and podcasts hosts and setting up interviews.

Beyond the product, Mind Meld PR also used TalentMarketplace’s relatable story to put the company in the spotlight, by setting up interviews with the founders to talk about their entrepreneurial journey.

Tech PR Results

Mind Meld PR’s campaign for TalentMarketplace garnered both local and international results in press, blogs and podcast interviews.

TalentMarketplace established itself as a source for remote work in an interview for the Authority Magazine and on articles for Arielle Blog, CTI Innovations and CMSWire.

The company also contributed to articles on other workplace topics, including IT Certification Mistakes to Avoid on CIO and Salary Transparency on MSN.

Mind Meld PR’s campaign got coverage on matters of Tech Shortage and the Great Resignation on CBC, MarketScale, CMSWire, and GoBankingRates. Their CEO also discussed the future of work in an interview for Authority Magazine.

DEI was a hot topic, and Mind Meld PR got the startup valuable media coverage on this topic for GetApp.

The entrepreneur journey of TalentMarketplace’s founders was also highlighted by the Mind Meld PR team efforts with a feature on CEO Blog Nation and interviews for the Inventive Journey Podcast, Open School of Business.

Mind Meld PR also supported the creation of TalentMarketplace’s thought leadership article on StartupThread.

Does your innovative tech startup have unique perspectives to share?

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