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Case study. PR campaign for a Health Data App

Updated: May 19, 2021

Vancouver-based health data platform MacroHealth had closed a Series A funding round of $54 million, and were looking to hire 30+ new roles out of Vancouver.

The startup had been steadily growing since 2017, and hoped to use their first funding announcement to garner more validation in the media, and make prospective employees aware of the company’s growth and success. With sufficient media coverage, MacroHealth felt that talented tech professionals would be more enticed into joining the startup.

The CTO detailed their two goals: gain coverage of their funding success, and assure their ideal future employees of their security and growth. They needed media experts with a foot in the door of the tech world -- Mind Meld PR.

Public Relations Challenge

MacroHealth's big funding round had the potential to turn into big coverage. But beyond the injection of investor cash was the purpose it needed to serve: growing the company, fast. As such, Mind Meld PR's challenge was to showcase MacroHealth as an ideal employer.

As other companies were losing business, employees and revenue to the pandemic, it was important to represent MacroHealth as a reliable organisation that was growing.

Public Relations Campaign

After identifying press and reporters that were Vancouver-focused, the team looked closer at B2C media outlets ideally suited to cover tech company announcements such as Techcouver and Daily Hive, as well as broader provincial media including CBC and BC Tech.

Mind Meld determined that MacroHealth’s exclusive hiring process, startup-like culture, and prominent CTO/CPO Toufic Boubez were all part of the company’s allure. Using this to pad out the startup’s funding narrative meant a more appealing opportunity for the press and eventually, tech talent of Vancouver.

With the tailored release in hand, the tech PR agency organised outreach to popular tech outlets in the region, as well as general news outlets interested in business and economy-focused stories.

Public Relations Results

MacroHealth became the Vancouver-based tech sensation they needed to be within days, debuting their funding announcement in the city’s revered outlets Techcouver, BetaKit and Daily Hive.

This led to syndication in funding focused outlets ForexTv and MYFINTECH, as well as innovation-centric Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organisation. The story featured in other B2B focused outlets, including BC Technology’s T-Net, VCBay and Startup Around.

Need media coverage for your healthcare or healthtech app?

Tell us about your business and PR goals -- and we’ll help you share your story with the world. Contact our Vancouver tech PR agency to put your healthtech company on the map.


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