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Tech PR Case Study for Regional UX Awards

Updated: Jan 12

The Vancouver UX Awards Society hosted the 6th annual awards event online for the first time due to pandemic-related restrictions. In the lead-up to the event they were hoping to garner media attention around the applicants and list of finalists.

The awards have grown to be the premier event for celebrating the growth and excellence of user experience design in B.C.. This year's awards were sponsored by Microsoft, Best Buy, and others.

There was great concern that the lack of a physical event may turn potential guests off, or lead them to believe that the awards weren’t taking place this year. In exchange for sponsorship, the Awards Society recruited Mind Meld PR to get the finalists announcement and event information into regional tech outlets.

Tech PR Challenge

Between Zoom fatigue and endless webinars, Mind Meld were aware that online events may lack the glamour of a physical event. The networking aspect of the event would usually be a natural draw for the tech community. Now, that was lost.

The team recognised that promoting the event in the traditional fashion may not work. The release would have to identify the event’s other unique selling points to catch the attention of the media and potential attendees.

Tech PR Solution

The tech PR team recognised that they would need to leverage other aspects of the event to give the announcement more weight.

They ensured that the release captured as many key players that were involved as possible, quoted the success that previous winners had found, and included relevant details about scholarships that would interest the student community.

As the event was specific to Vancouver, the Mind Meld team created a targeted media list that include local and regional tech and general news outlets, in order to utilize the geographic relevance of the awards.

Tech PR Results

The finalist announcement gained coverage in local tech press Techcouver, as well as BC Business for a wider business audience.

DigiBC, the Interactive & Digital Media Industry Association of British Columbia, included the event in their online calendar, and tweeted details of the event to an audience of over 5,000 followers.

The event had over 240 attendees, with successful discussion sessions after the awards, particularly one on mentorship hosted by Collab Collective, as well as a lively discussion with keynote speaker Jonas Altman.

“We’ve had articles about us in publications like Techcouver or BCBusiness, and it's thanks to our community sponsor Mind Meld PR.” said the Vancouver UX Awards Society. “Thank you for helping us get the word out!”

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