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Tech PR Case Study for Video App

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Video app VidDay enables users to easily send group videos to friends and family. When the pandemic of 2020/2021 struck, their app really gained a lot of fans. The company grew from a small startup, to reaching 1 million users across 150+ countries.

Using VidDay’s themed, personalised video messages, users were able to celebrate birthdays, holidays, as well as send thank you messages to healthcare workers and local heroes.

VidDay recruited Mind Meld PR to help them share the good news, and keep promoting their services to help people across the world connect. Holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and graduations were being experienced in a new way -- and VidDay wanted to be sure people had this safe solution.

Tech PR Challenge

Though VidDay was solving the problem of social isolation, experienced by everyone at this time, the media was dominated by pandemic-related updates. Good news was needed, but not always covered. The releases and pitches put out needed to be relevant enough to catch the attention of the media, while still offering a solution to connect.

Adversity was breeding creativity too. The longer the pandemic drew on, the more tech companies were innovating and connecting people. The PR campaign would need to highlight solid case studies to help VidDay’s work stand out, and key metrics that validated their growing popularity.

Tech PR Solution

Mind Meld PR used a macro/micro approach for the campaign. Releases looked at the issues VidDay was tackling at large, and then incorporated specific use cases and examples. From communities thanking healthcare workers, to free ‘Get Well’ videos, Mind Meld was able to target a range of audiences.

As VidDay grew in popularity, their metrics and environmental impact buttressed the story. By the end of 2020 they reached 1 million users and had 5+ million pieces of content uploaded. This became part of a larger story around the co-founders and success of building a startup for media and interview pitches.

Their partnership with One Tree Planted meant 30k+ trees were planted by the end of 2020. Combined with the delivery-free, zero emission benefits, Mind Meld were able to target eco-focused blogs and outlets.

Tech PR Results

The ongoing campaign for video app VidDay garnered coverage in local and international press, blogs, and podcast interviews.

VidDay got their first wins with local outlets, with co-founder Denis Devigne featuring in a CHVN radio interview, and an article in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Denis continued to share the success of their startup in interviews, featuring in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

Mind Meld secured several podcasts focusing on the SaaS aspect of their business, giving CEO Rossel Sabourin interviews in the Starting to Know podcast, SaaS Startup Stories, and SaaS District, and an upcoming interview on Building The Future TV.

VidDay was included in gift listicles from news outlets, companies and blogs, including HuffPost, Going Zero Waste, and Mountain AAA.

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