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Techcouver. Convert page visitors to buyers with better data, says Unbounce

Techcouver. Convert page visitors to buyers with better data, says Unbounce

Seventeen years after the term “landing page” was first coined, there’s still a surprising lack of understanding about why potential customers behave as they do on company websites.

Years of research, tracking and analysis has given marketers truckloads of data about how to draw prospects to landing pages -- but research-driven insight about what converts a visitor to a buyer has been in short supply.

Enter the Vancouver-based Unbounce, a landing-page tech vendor with a singular focus on conversion, and the AI and machine-learning tools to truly investigate it.

“The differentials across landing pages are huge. The top 25% of landing pages sometimes convert at rates around ten times higher than the overall median...

The conversion rate differential for common types of Call To Action messaging is surprising too. What we’ve discovered about landing-page setup could provide just enough information for your customers to let them convert easily and without barriers.”

Easy conversions -- that’s the dream, isn’t it? The more data we have about what leads to a conversion event, the better -- but as Loughran says, it takes powerful algorithms to turn those numbers into actionable insight.

The dawn of AI and machine-learning tools means, for marketing research, a quicker path to analyzing that mysterious moment of the customer’s purchase decision. With innovative companies like Unbounce looking into the question from every direction, data-driven companies will start doing better online -- and happy, catered-to consumers will get more of what they want.



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