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Techcouver. Vulnerable economy needs software-chain protection, says cybersecurity company Mergebase

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

TechCouver. Vulnerable economy needs software-chain protection, says cybersecurity company Mergebase

Like life, cyber-criminality, uh, finds a way -- unfortunately. Now that all networks are both economically critical and highly-stressed, it’s crucial to protect both our computers, and the software that runs them, from breaches and incursions.

The Vancouver cybersecurity company MergeBase, fresh from a successful round of fundraising, notes that it’s crucial for defenses to meet the angle of attack, as bad actors seek access through every part of the technological ecosystem.

"When weasels see a henhouse, they check out every crack," said MergeBase CEO Oscar van der Meer.

Read Mergebase CEO Oscar van der Meer on open-source protection.

“So many technology-powered companies are built on open-source code and third-party apps — which is a quicker, easier and cheaper way of building software… But those savings come with a cost, exposing organizations using these applications to data breaches.

“Integration with external apps already causes up to 24 percent of all cybersecurity breaches — and that’s only going to grow. MergeBase is a best-in-class solution to boost the immune system of enterprises around the world.”

A cybersecurity company that detects risky vulnerabilities in enterprise applications

Applications that use underlying open source or commercial libraries are easier to build, but create points of vulnerability spammers and scammers can exploit. Mergebase aims to defend company systems at precisely these points.

This particular niche is an important one, as busy developers can’t be expected to monitor every inbound software component for security issues - they need to get things built, and out the door. Protecting their flank, and thus the larger digital ecosystem, is the cybersecurity company’s mission. Mergebase’s funders are right to see a useful opportunity here.



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