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TechCouver. You can put machine learning right at home, says Unbounce

TechCouver. You can put machine learning right at home, says Unbounce

If you’re a consumer-facing enterprise, managing that face can be maddeningly difficult. You lay out a huge marketing spend to get people to your website -- but then you have to hire an expensive team to manage those visitors’ experience.

Or not. Carl Schmidt of Unbounce lays out an entertaining argument for letting his clever AI tool do the job.

Read Carl Schmidt on the levelling power of affordable AI.

“AI is set to transform businesses in unbelievable ways,” said Carl Schmidt, CTO and co-founder of Unbounce. “But it’s enterprise firms that are benefiting — they have the means to purchase expensive AI-powered software. The 30 million small businesses across North America are being left behind without access to the smart technology they need to grow their businesses and keep pace with the competition.”

“Unbounce wants to change this trajectory — we want SMBs to be able to compete against big business, regardless of their budget or headcount. Smart Traffic is the first step on our journey towards helping small businesses access the power of affordable, easy to use AI-powered technology.”

Bleeding-edge AI software and machine learning products in this space have great potential to make marketing less of a grind. Automating the tedium of landing-page administration helps marketers focus on the creative bits of the job where they can really showcase their value.



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