• Lyle Neff

TechTalent. Global Talent Stream is a river of recruiting opportunities, says VanHack

Updated: May 15, 2020

Canada’s shortage of skilled tech workers, at a time when digital entrepreneurialism is flourishing, remains a stubborn structural problem. Fortunately the federal government is serious about meaningfully addressing it -- and the Global Talent Stream initiative is the result.

The forward-looking program aims to cut costs and red tape for companies looking to hire from abroad -- and according to tech recruiters like VanHack’s CEO Ilya Brotzky, it’s already a success.

Read Ilya Brotzky on worker shortages and unhampered growth.

“... Recruiting for your tech company is not about to get any easier. After a certain point, without assistance from remarkable federal policies like this one, unfilled specialist roles are going to seriously hamper your growth.

Signing on to the Global Talent Stream, then, and liaising effectively with Employment and Social Development Canada, is becoming more and more critical for home-grown SMEs in pursuit of high-end tech talent.”

The federal authorities are well aware of the hiring problem in this sector, and committed to a long-term strategy to improve it. With a little guidance on dealing with GTS officials, plus some insight on the practicalities of bringing in a foreign worker, tech companies can leverage a rapid solution for your unfilled-role difficulties. Over the long term, that’s good news -- not just for a growing enterprise, but for the nation as a whole.

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