• Lyle Neff

The Next Web. Friction-free offerings can ignite uptake, says Cira Apps

You’ve got to make the road to each sale as smooth as possible, according to the observant CMO of Cira Apps, Sonya Pelia -- and that means leading with your product. You must also remember some essential facts about human nature: everybody likes freebies, and everybody trusts other people more than advertising.

Read Sonya Pelia on putting the customer in charge.

“Your website design should all be about quickly guiding the customer into trying your product. You want to get rid of any hurdle — even ones that marketers of a different era (perhaps as far back as 2015 — I know, ancient times) might think are essential. Product-led growth really means putting the product first, above any marketing needs.

“For example, requiring a credit card (or contract) is a friction point, particularly for a freemium version. This can also cause resistance for software trials. Many people are simply not willing to give their credit card to try a product — I mean, are you?”

I am not! Pelia’s key insights here have to do with trust, and the difficulty of winning over distracted, suspicious, busy customers who don’t yet know they need your product. Of course, it helps if you have a sound and useful offering to begin with (spoiler: Cira Apps does).

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