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TheStreet. Comm-tech firms like Cira Apps able to help in COVID-19 crisis, says Jim Cramer

The economic stresses of the coronavirus outbreak aren’t evenly distributed. Even as demand contracts in some sectors - hospitality comes to mind - it expands in others. And that’s a good thing -- it’s how Western economies will get through the rough times ahead, and position them for recovery when the pandemic is defeated.

TheStreet.com notes that the big players in remote-tech work platforms, like Microsoft and Zoom, are scaling up in a hurry. But they, along with smaller communication firms like Cira Apps Ltd., remain mindful of how much the world is depending on Internet connection right now -- and of their responsibility to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

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“‘We’re going to learn a tremendous amount and transform how we work together,’ said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a press briefing earlier this week. ‘There’s going to be really a fundamental structural change in how we transcend some of these geographic boundaries.’

Various other software-as-a-service firms are offering free services to at least some segments of the workforce coping with the epidemic: Cira Apps, for example, recently made its enterprise edition available for free to first responders dealing with the epidemic.”

Keeping people connected in nervous times is an obvious public good, and companies that do it well will be rewarded later. For now, it’s a relief to realize we can unite in the face of a crisis which -- if everyone contributes -- will soon be brought to an end.

Non-profit and emergency organizations can get free communications help from Cira Apps right here.

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