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The Weekly Trends. Smart cyber-marketing almost does itself, says Cira Apps

Updated: Dec 17, 2019 Smart cyber-marketing almost does itself, says Cira Apps

Amid a pretty good menu of marketing ideas here, some insight from Sonya Pelia of Cira Apps really stands out. Efficient and serious customer advocacy gets you quickly, she notes, to a place where your marketing largely does itself. And the Internet can leverage spontaneous good reviews into wider awareness of your brand story.

Read Sonya Pelia on how to build authentic relationships with your customers.

“Research from Gartner shows that 80 percent of a company’s future revenue will come from 20 percent of its existing customers. By tapping into this resource of existing, happy customers, your marketing campaigns gain credibility and effectiveness, the sales cycle shortens, the company builds a product based on customer needs and drives revenue.

Prospects use a wide range of sites on the internet to research and leave their feedback on products they love or hate. These channels can range from Yelp, Google, Reddit forums, big social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), to trusted third-party review sites, for example, G2 and Capterra for software reviews.

You can post customer case studies that include testimonials on your own website and owned channels with links to reviews on other sites.”

Talk about a virtuous circle! The power of digital marketing is that what used to be called ‘word of mouth’ is now an actual, instantiated, trackable record, which can link to other actual records, and so on. If people are talking about your product, you can just go ahead and start talking to them yourself. Pretty remarkable, when you think about it.



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